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100% of profits go towards Palestine Humanitarian Aid to help families in need



What's Happening in Palestine?

Across generations, the Palestinian people have endured the heavy weight of oppression inflicted by Israeli forces. From food insecurity to the denial of education, Palestinians have had every basic right taken away from them. Innocent lives are torn apart, and families are left to grapple with the unimaginable grief of separation and loss. The children of Palestine, their laughter silenced by the deafening sounds of explosions and gunfire, are robbed of their precious innocence and taken from their families. As victims of ethnic cleansing, Palestinians are constantly denied fundamental human rights and loss of control over their own land, an injustice they face in every corner of their daily existence.

What is Iswarah Doing to Help?

We are committed to helping our donors make a meaningful difference in the lives of struggling civilians in Palestine. With each purchase of an Iswarah product, 100% of the profits generated will be dedicated to Palestinian Humanitarian Aid through Islamic Relief. Ensuring complete transparency, we diligently account for every penny of profit, assuring our donors that their contributions have a direct and impactful role in supporting the fight for freedom in Palestine. Together, we aim to bring hope and assistance to those in need, fostering positive change in the lives of the affected communities.


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